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Tom Holland By katnic_bughead Completed

"Ace? What are you doing here? Ryan doesn't get home until Tuesday." I say putting my robe tighter around my body as the cold rain splashes everywhere from the wind.

Ace doesn't reply all he does is stare at me. I was getting self cautious fom his stare and he shakes his wet hair and walks in and cups my face with his big hands.

"I'm not here for Ryan."

I stare into his brown eyes and he smiles before he crashes his lips to mine.

Book one: My Sister's Boyfriend 
Book two: My Bestfriend's Boyfriend 
Book three: unknown 

#111 in Romance- 8/22/16
#99 in Romance- 8/25/16

Started: 6/26/16

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Leyaxx01 Leyaxx01 Mar 16, 2017
Can i just say  i love you please stay pretty to yourself.please xxx
Rarestrose3 Rarestrose3 Nov 11, 2017
I have a question for the author: Why the hell did that poor girl just blush at his inconsiderate and unnescary comment?!😤
kpopasshole kpopasshole Apr 17, 2017
OK this is what I tell myself.
                              If you have a stomach, that's how you know you have money! 
                              Not to brag, but I got a stomach
itsZhr07 itsZhr07 Jan 21
They are both assEs i just can feel it in my guts laowjhahshsjs
aliyajamesbishop aliyajamesbishop Apr 21, 2017
Technically everyone has a stomach some a thinner then others but eveyone still does.
aaishaa001m aaishaa001m Aug 24, 2016
Hey, please check out my story. It's called My Fake Boyfriend and I'm still writing , so please check it out. By the way, I loved your story