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Jared Leto's Wife ♡ By margotxjaredleto Completed

"Ace? What are you doing here? Ryan doesn't get home until Tuesday." I say putting my robe tighter around my body as the cold rain splashes everywhere from the wind.

Ace doesn't reply all he does is stare at me. I was getting self cautious fom his stare and he shakes his wet hair and walks in and cups my face with his big hands.

"I'm not here for Ryan."

I stare into his brown eyes and he smiles before he crashes his lips to mine.

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Myahxx07 Myahxx07 Mar 16
Can i just say  i love you please stay pretty to yourself.please xxx
Septemberbaby_2003 Septemberbaby_2003 Nov 23, 2016
I have a poem for this pig headed jock. 
                              Roses 🌹 are red 🔴, 
                              Violets are blue🔵, 
                              God 🙏made us beautiful, 
                              What the hell happened to you😳?
Jelsa4Eternity Jelsa4Eternity Aug 27, 2016
I dont know why shes being bullied if she looks like holland.
Gabbie2345 Gabbie2345 Jul 23, 2016
You're comparing her to a troll when you have the grammer skills of a behemoth? Seriously?
littledreamer12345 littledreamer12345 Jul 11, 2016
That's just rude. Why compare her beauty to a troll? If anything you'd be the troll
EllaSilverwood EllaSilverwood Nov 25, 2016
Ok I was gonna feel bad for the cheating situation but, um...