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It's Just Me By b_funk22 Updated Sep 23, 2018

"I was about to turn into the bathroom, until someone pulled me into the storage room closet. I squealed and tried to run but the person who was holding me captive pulled me back. I looked at them. They had a big body so I guessed that it was a boy. His hands were beside my head and he was pressing his body against my own. He lowered his head to my neck and sucked in a breath.

 "Your mine" he whispered in my ear."

A girl who was not noticed in life. Sure she was pretty and guys asked her out,  but she denied them all because she thought that they all wanted her to be a one night stand. She was too innocent and nieve to see that all of the guys liked her, they just gave up trying, she was to good for them. 

A boy who never gives up on what he wants. When he moves back to his old hometown he's quick to regain his old 'bad boy' image. When his eyes first meet upon this innocent girl, she takes his breath away. Littrealy. She runs into him while running away from her friends, but when their eyes meet, he knows to never give up on her. The thing that she doesn't know is that he already claimed her as his own

The bad boy calls me Blossom

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