Always Second Best// m.c

Always Second Best// m.c

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Amanda By trashton_ Completed

"Kelsey?" He took my hands in his. I couldn't look at him, it was too much. He shouldn't be here. I took in his physical state, his eyes were bloodshot and glassy, and the bags under his eyes were deep purple. His nose was red and he sniffled frequently. He'd been crying, I couldn't see him like this.
"I'm sorry." I pulled my hands away from his, and walked away from everything that had mattered to me for the past few years.

For all her life, Kelsey Irwin, has just been known as Ashton Irwin's little sister. She's always hung around with the band, but everyone looks as her as their little sister, but she wanted more. 

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mattymilk mattymilk Mar 08, 2016
Why is Ashton always the brother that always acts like a dad in fanfics
happysugg happysugg Mar 24, 2016
I think in this story all the boys are suppose to be the same age
CeCe0_0 CeCe0_0 Mar 08, 2016
lmao my brothers are like 10 years or older than me & they don't seem to care about me except one😑👌🏼 family amiright
maddycorner maddycorner Sep 03, 2015
my big brother hates me he kicks me and calls me names I don't get why most fanfictions are all like big brothers are only looking out for you and are do over protective and love you so much
MaryXcolleen MaryXcolleen Apr 29, 2015
Do you actually have a big brother because they are not like this
MelliMellarina MelliMellarina Apr 10, 2015
my brother is like 4 years younger its almost comical when he does this