Revenge of the SuperModel

Revenge of the SuperModel

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Olivia By Olivia_undercover Updated May 02, 2016

Anastasia use to be overweight, pimple-faced, and nerdy. 

One day her classmates and a specific boy take things too far.

Anastasia moves to New York and has been living her last 4 years as a Supermodel.

What happens a when Fat-Annie has to go back and face all the people who tortured her pre-pubescent years....

Read now to find out ;)

Raor123 Raor123 Nov 21, 2016
Tbh I want them to think that she died. So that they can feel the guilt that they caused the death
Olivia_undercover Olivia_undercover Dec 17, 2016
She really isn't that fat just bigger than the girls who call her that
whymendes whymendes Nov 27, 2016
stop talking about yourselves, everyone knows that ur a påthetic piece of shït anyways
khadzz54312 khadzz54312 Jul 16, 2016
Oh SH!t that's so so so so peak 
                              I swear when she gets more pretty and stuff she better not forgive him cause she still has a lil crush on him
siman11 siman11 Sep 17, 2016
I hope she doesn't forgive him please don't make her forgive him
Anonymouscatgirl Anonymouscatgirl Apr 15, 2016
My dentist said I'm going to need braces when I'm older but half the people in my school have them so I'm lucky nobody makes fun of people with braces. Personally, I think there is nothing wrong with them - you will have better teeth in the end.