Shatter Love [FP Sequel]

Shatter Love [FP Sequel]

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t w y l a By AKindMind628 Updated Jan 16, 2017

[sequel to Flicker Pain] Conrad Wilkins has never understood love. With the death of his best friend before he even had a chance to express his feelings - Conrad knows he isn't cut out for having his heart broken again.

Maya Smith is a girl falling hard, growing to depend on the one person who made the sun shine even when clouds loomed overhead. 

But Conrad isn't so sure if he's ready to drop everything - especially for the love that has already left him shattered.

[short chapters]

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Faith112345678 Faith112345678 Nov 07, 2016
Ugh, she kills me with her heart wrenching comments!! I still love her writing tho...
- - Jun 10, 2016
oh my gosh. Is it Christmas already? Dam. I didn't notice. Its so hot outside though. Hmmm
- - Jun 11, 2016
Once I read this, I'm having a different perspective for love. 
                              It isn't about impressing the person you like, it's about accepting who you are, and who they are and stand up whenever there are any conflicts.
FiftyShadesOfMendes_ FiftyShadesOfMendes_ Aug 25, 2016
It's alright my best friend left me because we got in a terrible fight and we said each other sensitive things so it's pretty much we still don't talk and I regret it all of it
mustaches212 mustaches212 Jun 20, 2016
i love that last line and all of this is just so darn sweet.
                              you feel that connection too
Zyxenn Zyxenn Jun 09, 2016
Yesss! Yeeeeeeeees! 🎆🎊🎉🎉🎆🎊🎇🎉🎊🎇🎆🎊🎇🎉🍻🍻🍻🍻