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Regina ;) By nrmsxx Updated Mar 02

Lena, the principal of a high end school has a girlfriend, Tiffany who she adores with all her heart. They've been together for 2 years now and things couldn't get any better. Tiffany helps Lena in all ways possible and even works around her schedule. Something Lena couldn't be more thankful for. Things change and well, Lena finds herself stuck in a hard place. 

Stef, a ordinary police officer with the ablity to dream of her future and go out there and make it come true. She's done that so far. Espically when it comes to her and her girlfriend Sarah. But does the same go for Sarah? Of course not. She isn't like Stef. She doesn't have dreams, and even if she did she wouldn't chase them. 

Stef's trying to find her destiny. But one thing she can't shake off is this feeling that it might not be with Sarah. 

Stefena FanFiction. 
No I don't own the characters or those involved.

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fostandfaves fostandfaves Nov 28, 2016
Tiffany can be as nice as she wants...she'll never be Stef tho
scorpun scorpun Jul 17, 2016
Is Lena the principal or assistant principal... you have her as both 🤔🤔🤔.   Hope that Sarah won't be around much longer, can't believe Stef let her hang on this long .
spokensins spokensins Jun 17, 2016
Ok like I can deal with her I guess for right now.😂 since she nice.
spokensins spokensins Jun 17, 2016
Y'all just popped up out of nowhere with some Stefena?❤ bro I live for y'all.
-cysdiary -cysdiary Jun 17, 2016
Loved it, fam! 😘. Interesting.. Now I'm ready to meet Stef's girl😒