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K-9's and Blue Eyes

K-9's and Blue Eyes

24.1K Reads 1.2K Votes 10 Part Story
LHStylinson By LHStylinson Completed

Harry runs the police station's K-9 unit and Louis is a single father to a newborn and has a few things to figure out.

Or Harry and Louis with puppies and babies

HarrehTheFrog HarrehTheFrog Nov 26, 2016
Also, your lucky, cus I like never reread wattpad books, but this is like my fav of all time!!!!! :))))
herpaderp_1 herpaderp_1 Nov 18, 2016
Even though I know they're adorable German shepherds I still imagine Harry with an army of attack cats that he talks to
JHobiee JHobiee Nov 26, 2016
I talk to my dogs too 😂 I'm the youngest in my family so I treat them like my little brothers
watertail11 watertail11 Oct 17, 2016
I though Ollie was a person. I skipped a line a bit ago and holy crap I was really lost
Aiissha1 Aiissha1 Jan 09
It think I've read this before, but I swear it was on Ao3 haha
smol-and-tol smol-and-tol Jul 13, 2016
Before I start reading this, is there a lot of angst or any character deaths (Louis or Harry or even the dogs)? (Just asking cause I can't really handle those things; I'd cry too much..)