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Her Legacy (Royal Wolves #1)

Her Legacy (Royal Wolves #1)

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Leis By minnie_mouse262 Completed

“Hello, gorgeous,” he said staring at me with amusement in his eyes.
He had finally stopped walking and he stood exactly one inch from me. I stepped back my eyes going wide. Who the hell was this guy? Why did he feel so comfortable standing next to me butt naked? And why didn’t he carry any extra clothes with him as all other were’s did? 
God, he was so damn sexy. He stood at about six foot five, he had black hair that fell in waves around his shoulder, golden brown eyes, and a face that an angel would be jealous of and a body built with muscles. I wanted to look to see if he had a six pack but I knew that if I looked then I would see other things that I wasn’t ready to see from any guy. 
I stepped back two steps. “What do you want?” I asked finally finding my voice. 
“You,” he said smiling. 
I shook my head as his beautiful deep velvety voice raveled through my insides, making me want to lean in close

Jade Scott has the perfect life. She's the daughter of the alpha of the Meirde pack. She's completely enraptured with her boyfriend, who is alpha of his pack. Her pack loves her. She's the most popular girl in the school. Everything in her life is lined up perfectly. Until three people show up. Ace Jacobson, Gwen Jacobson and Mikhail. With the arrival of these in a matter of hours Jade loses her boyfriend, the security of her home and her sense of well being. Was her perfect life really so perfect? Or not?  
Was everything she grew up thinking a lie? Or is present a lie? Not knowing what to think she sets on a journey that leads her from being safe at her home to Leighton ( the royal city for werewolves) in the arms of Mikhail...then into the dangerous world of their most reknown enemy vampires...
Raised to hate them all her life, she is shocked when everything goes into shambles and the one other person that she has been caught between turns out to be something completely different then what she expected...
This is no regular werewolf rom

Nurrpaw Nurrpaw 7 days ago
There is an almost identical story named "The Legacy" on Just letting you know, just in case you weren`t the one who published it there.
Darlenestaystrong Darlenestaystrong Jun 29, 2014
I really love this book and I really like your writing style. This book is in my top ten favorite books on wattpad :)
Wolfleader101 Wolfleader101 Oct 14, 2013
I'm a werewolf too but we call it wolf blood not werewolf.......
DanielaJamiso DanielaJamiso May 14, 2013
Wow this is so good. You're an amazing author get published dude!!!! I really like this. I'll try to vote on each chapter and comment every other one or something as I read on, but it I accidentally don't, I'm sorry! I'm still reading! :)
minnie_mouse262 minnie_mouse262 Apr 25, 2013
Thanks for actually taking the time to let me know about this. The story on there and the account is mine. No worries. :) @SorchaCummins-hylton
WolfSpirt007 WolfSpirt007 Apr 25, 2013
Ummmmm I dunno if your the same author or what but there's another story just like this one on qoutev the same name and cover image and well uhhhhh yeaaaaaa if you want you can check it out? It's on qoutev it's called her legacy as well