Element Turtles

Element Turtles

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The undercover fangirl By MarvelTmntGirl Updated 3 days ago

Y/n M/n L/n meets the element turtles when she is four years old. Over time, they become the best of friends.
Years later, they disappear, and Y/n begins to doubt if they were even real.

What will happen when she must move from her beloved country home to the big city?

Will she reunite with the turtles?

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I like how in stories people call them forks or salad tongs before the reader finds out what it is
Well its 2016 im pretty positive they know a lot of things that they probably shouldnt know til there older so :p most likely
"Are there other taking turtles like you?" 
                              "Hehe nope, Just me. Mr. Imaginary Turtle!"
                              Sorry I had to. Love the reference 😂
The four nations use to live in harmony.
                              But that all changed when the fire nations attacked
Ginerva29 Ginerva29 Aug 31
Is it normal that I am crying??? Like a madman? I am completely and entirely bonkers but...
Awww! No!!!!! Come back! Honestly I kinda hope they stay as elements then hat would be interesting but your story, your rules! Please update! This is so good! I need more!!!!!!!