Growing up (MWL's sequel)

Growing up (MWL's sequel)

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"I want to grow up" Did you say it when you were a kid? I know I did. Have you regretted growing up at some point in your life? Have you wished you could be a careless child once again? I know you have. Everyone has. 

The more you grow the bigger the challenges, the obstacles, the pain. Life gets serious. You get serious. You forget to smile at the morning sun shining down your face. You are too absorved by your problems to notice the beautiful world surrounding you. 

And when life gets hard, you wish more than anything to turn back in time and be that small child who did not know anything when he said "I want to grow up"

kitten2412 kitten2412 a day ago
I've actually read half of this book before but its seems I need to refresh my memory so here I am
MiaMarisa MiaMarisa 5 days ago
AHHHH Im SO excited! I just found out about this! I LOVED MY WATTPAD LOVE!!!!!
kitten2412 kitten2412 a day ago
Aha I actually remember now there's a wattpad account I saw long back saying Evan 😂 and I saw how all the girls for processing their undying love and it was kinda hilarious to me am for all we know it could be anyone
kitten2412 kitten2412 a day ago
Okay I was kinda happy but looking at all the comments I'm like who's helen?
Vianeyg_2077 Vianeyg_2077 7 days ago
Okay so I read to fast and when it said, "My nose was as red as a apple" I read " my nose was as red as a Nipple.😂😁😬
Ariiiana no podras traducirla al español??? Me carcome la curiosidadd!!!!!