Unsaid Things (Cimorelli Story) #Wattys 2016

Unsaid Things (Cimorelli Story) #Wattys 2016

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PerfectionMyName By PerfectionMyName Updated Oct 31

Lisa and Lauren Cimorelli were never close to each other. They never wanted to spent free time together for some reason. Lauren never had a reason for not loving her sister, in fact she adored her. But Lisa on the other hand, for some reason never liked her younger sister. They didn't agree on much, in fact, they rarely agreed on anything, they fought all the time and they challenged each other everyday, but despite their differences they had one important thing in common...They were crazy about each other. They are so different, but so alike at the same time.

You fight with the most important people in your life, because those relationships are worth fighting for <3

The story is based on a story that I read on Quotev, it's going to be written slightly different.

Lisa doesn't look like Lauren and vise versa. Am I the only one who thinks this? ✌✌
KrislynneStowe KrislynneStowe Jun 10, 2015
It's like Lisa is a totally different person in this book than she is in real life.
heyitselysa heyitselysa Jul 30, 2013
Hey! I'm writing a story called "I'm Best Friends with a Teenage Pop Star" and I think it's gonna turn out really good! It would mean a lot if you told people about it in your next chapter, I'll do the same, promise(:
PerfectionMyName PerfectionMyName Jul 29, 2013
@crazycar33 yeah the others are in it too, but mostly Lauren and Lisa :)
crazycar33 crazycar33 Jul 29, 2013
are the other girls in it too?  just want to know.  but this is a great story!  please update!
PerfectionMyName PerfectionMyName Jul 25, 2013
@Emzerz it's not gonna be exactly the same, I'll try to make it a bit different and more interesting