Kaito Kid VS Joker (Kaito Kid X Reader)

Kaito Kid VS Joker (Kaito Kid X Reader)

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Siti Sakura By SitiSakura Updated Dec 21, 2016

Sakura : Hello, minna! Ohayou! This is my first time I make a fanfiction so, I hope you like it! ^-^

Synopsis (Updated) :
This story is about you, (Y/N) Kudo sister of Shinichi Kudo (the famous detective) be a thief. This story start when your brother, Shinichi Kudo disappear. After several days, your mother, Yukiko Kudo give you a mission and she want you to be a thief?! And one day when you doing your mission (steal a thing), there is another unexpected thing happen to you, you meet Kaito Kid (a famous thief) who want to steal a same thing as you?! What will you do??

Sakura : Firstly I want to say, I am do not own of Detective Conan and Magic Kaito character. And, I hope you enjoy reading this! And, I want to introduce you to someone!
Ayato : I don't like this...
Sakura : Anyway, he is my friend! We will be in author note or something else.
Ayato : Why I have to do this...
Sakura : Just do your best! (Smile)
Ayato : I think so.. 'I think I better do that before she kill me...'

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