Beauty and The Beast ((Bruce Banner/Hulk love))

Beauty and The Beast ((Bruce Banner/Hulk love))

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A Bruce Banner Love story! 

-Book 1-
 It takes place during the Avengers. 
There will be a second book, I'm writing it now. This is only the beginning of an amazing series that will consist of Disney themed Marvel Loves. I'm super excited about these. I would love your feedback! Enjoy!

Book List So Far:
-Beauty and The Beast: Hulk (1&2)
-A Cinderella Story: Captain America
-His Little Red: Iron Man
-My Hercules: Thor

The marvel characters belong to their owner. This is strictly for entertainment. I do own the OC's that will show up through out the different stories. Thank you

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Bellbell342 Bellbell342 May 11
My mum is 46 and my dad is 60 so I can't complain! XD 14 year difference.
Frostsprite01 Frostsprite01 Nov 20, 2017
Since Ro is 27 it would be about an 18 year difference. Dayum! Bruce could be her father with how old he is! But like they all day.... age is but a number,  as long as you love them and vice versa that's all that should matter