Between The Two (Yandere Twins X Reader)

Between The Two (Yandere Twins X Reader)

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Kaneki-Kate By Kaneki-Kate Updated May 20, 2017

The Student Council President and Vice President are twins
And they are searching for a new secretary.
Would you be interested in filling up? 
Well let's find out. 

Twins are supposed to share right? 
No, they don't. Need proof? 
Ask this two OC's that I made. 

Crimson Knight and Cyan Knight.

Crimson : It's true, I don't like sharing things especially the one's  that I found first. 

Cyan : I hate that bastard, I don't love sharing things with him either, even though he is the Council President, I can still beat him.

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iiHappened iiHappened Jun 17, 2017
My brothers name is shawn, legit acts exactly like this. I'm actually like blown away rn
theshippingone theshippingone Apr 23, 2017
This is actually close to my actual brother's name, and that is exactly how he acts XD
xMintyKookieMochix xMintyKookieMochix May 26, 2016
My brother here is name shaewn and when I saw his personalities, its like he's my crush! Like what the heck! That's how my crush acts! :3
JanieJayKay JanieJayKay Apr 22, 2016
hmm... Shawn ... Shawn... Shawn Mendez .. or is it Mendes? I dunno xD
CherryPlopx CherryPlopx May 28, 2016
Hmm, I really like the beginning of it. It already took my interest. I hope you can finish this story. I would be looking forward for the end of the story ^^
SheepThatGotAway SheepThatGotAway May 19, 2016
"you werent a picky eater so your brother was thankful for that because if you were then he would shove the food into your mouth" *giggles*😂