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Daring and Adventurous and Expectant by RMBlythe
Daring and Adventurous and RMBlythe
"Gilbert darling, don't let's ever be afraid of things. It's such dreadful slavery. Let's be daring and adventurous and expectant. Let's dance to meet life and all...
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Rachel Lynde's Triumph by lizzyc13
Rachel Lynde's Triumphby Lizzy
You don't know Rachel Lynde??Well, I'll explain. Mrs. Rachel Lynde is the nosiest busybody in Avonlea. Her nose is always in someone else's business, but all too often...
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Anne of Green Gables Fan Fic by KatherineElizabeth
Anne of Green Gables Fan Ficby Katherine E. Roberts
Short story: Anne and Marilla confront a spider together. The characters are drawn from "Anne of Green Gables", a novel by Lucy Maude Montgomery.
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Gilbert's Chopped Carrots by prydeofthexmen
Gilbert's Chopped Carrotsby prydeofthexmen
A Series of Anne and Gilbert One-Shots: ~Gilbert's Chopped Carrots ~Secret Santa Shirley ~A Winter Rendezvous ~The Midnight Masquerade ~The Morning Masque ...
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After Goodbye by Ivajune
After Goodbyeby Ivajune
Anne Shirley has just said goodbye to Gilbert Blythe at the train station after seeing him in Kingsport. Now, Gilbert struggles with the aftermath of saying goodbye.
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My Heart's Desire *HIATUS* by beauxetbelle
My Heart's Desire *HIATUS*by beauxetbelle
Gilbert Blythe is not one to give up when it comes to Anne Shirley. Her love is what he wants and he is determined to get it. After she rejects him, he feels that he co...