Assassin After My Heart [Zouis]

Assassin After My Heart [Zouis]

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❝I hate you so much.❞

❝Hate me all you want, nerd. But remember. I'm the only one that's gonna save that cute little bum of yours.❞

Or the one where a deadly assassin is assigned to a post that's completely outside his comfort zone; being a bodyguard for a coveted but clumsy and snarky genius-- when all he's ever known is how to gank people.

Graphics: @queengemma

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ALLtimeSHIPsailer ALLtimeSHIPsailer May 24, 2017
- - May 22, 2017
I found it funny when you wrote 'gay' and then the next sentence goes with the word 'straight' lol ahahhahaha sorry for being extra
lonely4ever2004 lonely4ever2004 Feb 28, 2017
Wait, Parker? WTF? Are we talking about the same Zayn? Because my Zayn is Zayn Malik
iliveforlarrysmut iliveforlarrysmut Jul 31, 2016
Oooooo fûck.  Imagine Peter Parker being Zayn's brother. They both are so hot
Awkward_Bro Awkward_Bro Jan 21, 2017
AHHHH I am so excited to read this and I'm not even into One Direction tbh.
                              Maybe I should look into that.
Xxno_longer_herexX Xxno_longer_herexX Jan 02, 2016
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought ' you're a wizard Harry'