Madly Inlove (A Dramione Fanfic) || (ON HOLD/MAJOR EDITING) ||

Madly Inlove (A Dramione Fanfic) || (ON HOLD/MAJOR EDITING) ||

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dramione x reylo By liamftbruises Updated Aug 18

[On Hold/Editing]

(Going to change ALL chapters into Third Person POV :) )


"Stop being so stubborn."

"Stop being so demanding."


4th Year.

3 Years of Denial.

2 Complete Opposite People.

1 Punch.

And a Love that Blossomed in the Most Unsual Way Possible.

© @liamftbruises

Cover: @crumpledpaperplane ❤️ Really loved this one

When Draco checked if he was bleeding I was just like
                              "That sounds exactly like avpm Draco"
What should I be for Halloween this year a hippie or a dead cheerleader
Draco malfoy winking at me?
                              Me: *tries out a coffin* mom after this, please bury me
This scene....I remember seeing Draco's face with such longing towards Hermione. (✨and Tom really played it well, I must say😌)