Twisted Love

Twisted Love

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The wizards and witches we all know and love are back for their last year in Hogwarts!

Hermione starts to receive unexpected love letters from a secret admirer, and what if that person was from Slytherin?

She will make a choice that will change her life forever, good or bad, she will face tough decisions and experience twisted kind of love...

✱ Illustrations © dracomalfoi (via Tumblr)
✱ Characters belong to J.K.Rowling

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Malfoy_Heiress Malfoy_Heiress Nov 18, 2017
Just like when Ron and Draco fought in their first-year. Ah, the memories...
Hermione1102 Hermione1102 Jun 07, 2017
If it was Draco he'd prob kick them away from her, not pick them up for her
DramioneFan123 DramioneFan123 Apr 06, 2017
I Think Its Malfoy... He Got Detention For Sneaking Out Pass Curfew
CeliaFay27 CeliaFay27 Mar 16, 2017
You are my forever .. I am always yours .. g this sentence gives me life !
CeliaFay27 CeliaFay27 Mar 16, 2017
He called her mudblood .... How can this be good u bloody blind !?
Malfoy_Heiress Malfoy_Heiress Nov 18, 2017
I just love how she outwardly says "Slytherin Prince" when speaking of Draco.
                              It's like they've all finally accepted that he's like a prince.