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Possession of the Alpha (Completed)

Possession of the Alpha (Completed)

678K Reads 13.4K Votes 35 Part Story
Amy By amzieerevel Completed

Now 17,Cute and quirky Hazel has been looking for her mate for just over a year and has realised he's obviously not in her home city NewYork. In order to help her find her mate,her and her mom move to the wolf infested streets of Vancouver. After leaving her pack in NewYork Hazel is temporarily a rouge,making her a huge target for the local pack. Rouges are seen as dirty by any Alpha but to Joshua parks,Alpha of the Blue Crescent pack they are scum. Sensing a new rouge on campus,Joshua is determined to end it's life then and there. It's only when he looks into the eyes of Hazel Jones that he knows he can't kill her. The two find out many truths together as well as experiencing things only true mates would appreciate. Love between 2 humans is wonderful but matehood between 2 wolves is sacred.

neeneexD neeneexD May 31, 2016
Is that a phone in ur back pocket? Caz dat bum is vallimg 2 me
Woulf_Girl227 Woulf_Girl227 Jun 29, 2016
Him: Did it hurt when you you fell from heaven, because you have an angel face 😉 
                              Me: No but I scrape my knees coming up from Hell. 
                              *terns on heels and walks away without hearing his reply*
_shadow_Pheonix _shadow_Pheonix Apr 17, 2016
The line should "are YOU a cement mixer? Cause ur making me hard"but he said is your DAD a cement mixer. So therefore he's saying that her DAD is making him hard. Thank you and have a good morning
JumanaAhmed870 JumanaAhmed870 Aug 19, 2016
b-b-b-but he was pulling her hair, how could she just ignore that
JangaShips JangaShips Jun 22, 2016
Him: do you have a pencil or eraser because I would like to erase your past and write your future
                              Me: no but I have duck tape if you want to live to see your future
ainulr ainulr Dec 25, 2016
I don't know why, but i feel like laughing whenever i heard or read people saying pick up lines😂😂 it didnt even make me melt