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Lyrical Love ✔

Lyrical Love ✔

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krittika28 By krittikakashyap Completed

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* We are never ever ever getting back together. *

* Never say never ;) *

* You are lame Mr. No. *

* Why you gotta be so rude? Don't you see I'm a human too? *

A story in which a boy secretly
messages a girl.

Yeah, yeah you got it right......

He texts lyrics.


Critics -  "Your writing is beautiful too and the idea of this story is very original.Keep writing and inspiring others,you're doing amazing so far." ~Eve_The_Spy,author of Waffle Cones and many more amazing books...
(i still can't believe she replied!!!)


Cover credit :-
@krittikakashyap [ current ]

Editing -  
@incendia- [ author's note ]

©All rights reserved_by krittikakashyap_2016

visheretowrite visheretowrite Jun 20, 2016
I really like this story! It's something very unique than what I've seen in wattoad before, so props to you for that. Short, sweet, yet very good. I don't really have criticisms for this chapter! Good job. 
livesinheart livesinheart Nov 06, 2016
I often tell this to my friends..but they never understood.😶
neharica neharica Jun 20, 2016
                              I don't know what to say. This chapter is good but it is short still sweet. Every girl love songs dedication. I love the concept of lyrical love. But there is no description. Well m not judging now because I really love this chapter... I love love love that song. ;)
GhostsInsideOfMyBed GhostsInsideOfMyBed Jul 05, 2016
                              I'm a little confused with what's going on, at first I thought it was poetry but it is a short story now that I've checked. I feel like it's going to be really cute, and cheesy af but that's the purpose :0 Good job!
rickrodan1000p rickrodan1000p Jun 19, 2016
                              I like it. Very new for me. I have no idea if this has been done before but it's the first time I've read anything like this.
ReallyOjal ReallyOjal Jun 19, 2016
                              I love how this is a quirky and original story. I just know I am totally going to love this story- I already know that. :D
                              Great way to start the story and because of the fact that it's presented this way meant zero errors and I honestly spotted none. :)