How Can A Monster Love? {COMPLETED}

How Can A Monster Love? {COMPLETED}

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Georgi Kay By Georgella_ Completed

Reader X Aaron
-Minecraft Dairys-
You are a 21 year old girl who has had her whole life taken from her by Zane. You start the story running in the woods to get away from Zane. When you meet a 23 year old masked man named Aaron you were about to say hi  when he ran up to you and put a sword to your throat! And calls on Three other men who go by the name of 
Garroth, Laurance and Vlyad.

▶Things Reader-Chan should know◀

~You are the Shadow Angle~
~Your parents are dead~

Y/N - Your Name
H/C - Hair Colour
H/L - Hair Length
E/C - Eye Colour
S/C - Skin Colour
F/C - Fav Colour
D/N - Dog Name

◾Will be shown in all chapys◾


~❗Characters belong to Aphmau❗~
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~⬇I own all characters below⬇~



❤Hope you enjoy❤
~ Georgella-Chan out ~


Book 2 ~ Monsters Can love!

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