A Low Down Dirty Game

A Low Down Dirty Game

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EroticBabe By ItzKhyBptt Completed

I wanted to smack the shit out of Kevin for scaring me like that. I half turned and glared at him. 

"Kevin what are you doing?" I asked as I stopped his hand from going down on me. 

"I wanna make love to my girl," he says pouting. "Is that a crime? Besides if you haven't been rubbing up against a nigga he wouldn't be so horny."

"You're always horny." I rolled my eyes up at him. 

"I just wanna feel my dick burried inside my girl." He groaned sexily and bit down on my breast through my top. 

I wanted to moan so badly but i held it in. Why did he have to be so God damn irresistible! 

"I'm sorry I don't share the same feeling now."

"Then let me make you." He stated and climbed over between my legs. 

He kissed me and I tried not to give in but damnit I began to pulse down there. I opened my mouth to kiss him back and he slipped his tongue in smoothly. 
I moaned loudly and grab the back of his hair. I loved his mouth, his soft pink lips, the way he'd trail his tongue on my bottom lip

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  • betrayal
  • drugs
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