forever his | redvacktor

forever his | redvacktor

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"i love you" i whispered to the picture of y/n and i in arizona before i drifted off into sleep  

"i love you more"

✎ completed :: may 21st 2016

(currently under construction)

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Picklesperry Picklesperry Aug 12, 2016
They aren't married. They're still engaged but I know that because Ethan said in a 7 second Challenge vid very recently that he's the only married one in the office. Just because Adam and Alesa have DJ Baby Mason doesn't mean they're married.  @OmiGawdAllyson @_SkyDoseMinecraft_
anti_social_writer anti_social_writer Sep 11, 2016
I use Harry potter in never have i ever so the normal one i say never have i ever watched a movie from Harry potter then the one Adam does never have i ever not seen Harry potter
WriterInDistress WriterInDistress Sep 11, 2016
My friends think it's wired when I say "swiggity swooty, COMIN IN FOR THAT BOOTY!" In their ear
EdgyWriter0 EdgyWriter0 Aug 30, 2016
I wouldn't even say that to myself. I'd be like: oh he's cute. I wonder what his name is
LettyNelson LettyNelson Jul 19, 2016
Who else here was so shocked that Cedrick  Digery died in the goblet of fire!*raises hand*
__Honora__ __Honora__ Aug 08, 2016
When I bump into someone I'm like 'oh hi there...' I don't look at there face cause I know mine is red I literally look at there chest until I finally get out of the way