Dont Let Me Go. (Mithzan X Reader)

Dont Let Me Go. (Mithzan X Reader)

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I was up all night editing Alex's videos, he had so many edits that it took forever. He's reeaally bad at parkour he should really consider filming something else for my sake and the sake of his fans, but I get paid a little extra, saying that I already have a full time job that's getting super boring.

*buzz buzz*

'Who could this be?' I thought, "Hello?"

"Hey Aletta, its Adam from collage," The man said into the phone.

'Adam?..Adam!' I thought before answering, "Adam, OH MY IRENE! Its been forever! How have you been?"

"I'm doing great, how are you? Oh and I have a question to ask of you," he responded.

"I'm great, OK ask away," I said.

"You know how I own Sky media? Well we are having trouble with keeping up with videos, editing isn't very easy, our editors have been so busy lately. Max has been working his butt off trying to keep up. I heard that you edit your friend Alex's videos and small films so I wanted to know if you would like to help out?" Adam explained.

"Adam of cou...

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                              I was thinking about the Weenie Butt Remix...😂😂😂
                              sometimes quiet is violent
I've started to say that irl and ppl keep saying I'm delusional 😂
CiciTheNeko CiciTheNeko Feb 20
                              lel idk
all I could think of was the castle blanket they have at hot topic
                              AND MY FAVE SONG IS NICOTINE BY BEEBO
CiciTheNeko CiciTheNeko Feb 20
correction: 101.9 the wolf!
                              its isn't just a country station, its the best radio station in the univers