Marvel RP

Marvel RP

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Marvel_Fangirl By Spydergirl Updated 5 days ago

*cover is not mine*

It's all in the title, pretty much. Well, for those of you who might not be completely sure, below is an explanation:

One of the users (LadyDeadpoolHere) read my Spider-Man/Avengers fanfic ("Spyder and The Avengers") and requested to be a character in the story. I declined, but suggested a roleplay instead. So, here I am, with my brand-new RP. You can be any Marvel character, or one of the other characters in my book. OC's are also allowed, but try to keep the number low! 

Just please no bad words or... y'know. Keep it PG-13.

Now, let the RP-ing begin!

MotherRussia45 MotherRussia45 Dec 08, 2016
Hello. Is it ok if I could be The Punisher. That's usually who I am in every Marvel rp I do.
theoriginalmonkey theoriginalmonkey Dec 17, 2016
Alex gaped at the huge building as he walked up to it and just stared upward, taking it all in.
frazelfanfics frazelfanfics Nov 03, 2016
Hi! So I know I'm already on here but I have a question-there's DC characters on this list too-can we be DC characters? If so could I be Supergirl/Kara Danvers?
Skeleton-1_2_3 Skeleton-1_2_3 Dec 13, 2016
Can I be venom the spiderman symbiot? With my oc in side the symbiot.
KatelynDaFireFist KatelynDaFireFist Jul 04, 2016
Katelyn sighed. "What will I break today?" She said, tapping her foot.
queen_of_sassgard queen_of_sassgard Oct 11, 2016
Winter looked around. "Wow..." she grinned; she'd never expected herself to be in the famous tower.