Marvel RP

Marvel RP

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MARVELous By _Spyder_ Updated May 12

*cover is not mine*

It's all in the title, pretty much. Well, for those of you who might not be completely sure, below is an explanation:

One of the users (LadyDeadpoolHere) read my Spider-Man/Avengers fanfic ("Spyder and The Avengers") and requested to be a character in the story. I declined, but suggested a roleplay instead. So, here I am, with my brand-new RP. You can be any Marvel character, or one of the other characters in my book. OC's are also allowed, but try to keep the number low! 

Just please no bad words or... y'know. Keep it PG-13.

Now, let the RP-ing begin!

Name-Lydia Bennet 
                              Appearance-Golden Hair, Amber eyes, tan skin, red tank top, black shorts, converse 
                              Powers-Can control Fire and Light 
                              Hero/Villain-Hero but she could easily turn into a villain 
                              Hero Name-Hemera
Spideryhn Spideryhn Jul 02
Name: Ezra Blackheart
                              Age: 18
                              Gender: Male
                              Appearance: Dark dark dark brown hair, darl green eyes.
                              Powers: Shadow manipulation, fire manipulation, ability to fly.
                              Hero/Villain: Villain
                              Villain name: I don't know xD
DarkSkyeEOX DarkSkyeEOX May 13
Liz had been sitting on the roof when a man came and attacked her. She was now laying on the floor, covered in blood as the man got away. "J-JARVIS?" She said weakly.
"Tony!! inthintia wined as she had once again bine drinking ale even though he had said that she should lay off the drinks for a bit.
May I tag? And can I use an anime character, or is it real-life characters only?
Spideryhn Spideryhn Jul 02
Name: Amira Rhaelynn "Rhynn" Grace
                              Age: 16/17
                              Gender: Female
                              Appearance: Her faceclaim is Haley Lu Richardson
                              Powers: Enhanced senses, web shooting, wall crawling.
                              Hero/Villain: Hero
                              Hero name: Spideryhn
                              Welp, that's it I guess? Could I also make a villain?