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Marvel RP

Marvel RP

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Marvel_Fangirl By Spydergirl Updated Jan 19

*cover is not mine*

It's all in the title, pretty much. Well, for those of you who might not be completely sure, below is an explanation:

One of the users (LadyDeadpoolHere) read my Spider-Man/Avengers fanfic ("Spyder and The Avengers") and requested to be a character in the story. I declined, but suggested a roleplay instead. So, here I am, with my brand-new RP. You can be any Marvel character, or one of the other characters in my book. OC's are also allowed, but try to keep the number low! 

Just please no bad words or... y'know. Keep it PG-13.

Now, let the RP-ing begin!

MotherRussia45 MotherRussia45 Dec 08, 2016
Hello. Is it ok if I could be The Punisher. That's usually who I am in every Marvel rp I do.
Skeleton03 Skeleton03 Dec 13, 2016
Can I be venom the spiderman symbiot? With my oc in side the symbiot.
Bat_Saturn Bat_Saturn Dec 18, 2016
Name: Sean Parker
                              Gender: Male
                              Age: 19
                              Alter ego: Arachnid 
                              Look: looks a lot like his dad 
                              Powers: powers like his dad but he also has invisibility
                              Backstory: He lived with his mom, Felicia Hardy, most of his life. He didn't really know he had a dad for most of his life.
Therealbonk Therealbonk Feb 08
@Spydergirl I know he isn't on the list of cannon characters but could I be ether Spider-Man Noir or Spider-Man 2099?
Name: Jose
                              Hero name: JJ 
                              Age: 21
                              Face claim: Jose Fernandez 
                              Personality: Brave, loyal, funny
                              Powers: higher pain tolerance 
                              Weakness: lots of pain 
                              Likes: football
                              Dislikes: pain and rudeness
                              Crush: open
                              Other: none
enternamehere_ enternamehere_ Dec 21, 2016
Name: Kai Summers
                              Gender: F
                              Alter Ego: Lady Cyclops
                              Look: Face Claim, Skai Jackson
                              Powers: optic blasts