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Marvel RP

Marvel RP

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Marvel_Fangirl By Spydergirl Updated Mar 16

*cover is not mine*

It's all in the title, pretty much. Well, for those of you who might not be completely sure, below is an explanation:

One of the users (LadyDeadpoolHere) read my Spider-Man/Avengers fanfic ("Spyder and The Avengers") and requested to be a character in the story. I declined, but suggested a roleplay instead. So, here I am, with my brand-new RP. You can be any Marvel character, or one of the other characters in my book. OC's are also allowed, but try to keep the number low! 

Just please no bad words or... y'know. Keep it PG-13.

Now, let the RP-ing begin!

Can I tag ya in my oc book? Cause I've got three marvel ocs...
Therealbonk Therealbonk a day ago
                              5'9, black hair brown eyes
                              Enhanced strength speed and agility, spider sense, sticks to walls, organic webbing
                              Spyder Kid
                              Gymnastics, martial arts, science, aerobics, stratigizing
                              Unlike previous Spider people Jacob got his powers from having a mutation in his DNA.
joelgilm joelgilm Mar 11
*Joel walks into the stark tower and looks around* hmm I could work with this
Andrea let out a breath as she slipped through the door and stood flat against the wall. She looked around nervously, hoping no one had seen her enter.
Name: Cory Miller
                              Age: 16
                              Gender: Male
                              Looks: Green hair, green eyes, skinny, greeen veins.
                              Alter ego: Guy Gamma
                              Powers: Super strength, Super intelligence, Super jump, Super Climb.
                              Skills: Untested
                              Personality: Funny....
theoriginalmonkey theoriginalmonkey Dec 17, 2016
Alex gaped at the huge building as he walked up to it and just stared upward, taking it all in.