Marvel RP

Marvel RP

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MARVELous By _Spyder_ Updated May 12

It's all in the title, pretty much.

You can be any Marvel canon character, and OCs are welcomed with open arms.

*cover is not mine*

My only rule (besides the obvious ones like no OOC bullying) is that you try to keep it PG-13. If not, take it to PM.

Oh yeah, you guys can roleplay with me, with each other, or even in a group. Totally up to you.

Now, let the RP-ing begin!

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Name-Lydia Bennet 
                              Appearance-Golden Hair, Amber eyes, tan skin, red tank top, black shorts, converse 
                              Powers-Can control Fire and Light 
                              Hero/Villain-Hero but she could easily turn into a villain 
                              Hero Name-Hemera
May I tag? And may my character have an anime-like appearance? Or only real life appearances?
Ms-Reyes Ms-Reyes Jul 02
Name: Ezra Blackheart
                              Age: 18
                              Gender: Male
                              Appearance: Dark dark dark brown hair, darl green eyes.
                              Powers: Shadow manipulation, fire manipulation, ability to fly.
                              Hero/Villain: Villain
                              Villain name: I don't know xD
May I tag? And can I use an anime character, or is it real-life characters only?
Ms-Reyes Ms-Reyes Jul 02
Name: Amira Rhaelynn "Rhynn" Grace
                              Age: 16/17
                              Gender: Female
                              Appearance: Her faceclaim is Haley Lu Richardson
                              Powers: Enhanced senses, web shooting, wall crawling.
                              Hero/Villain: Hero
                              Hero name: Spideryhn
                              Welp, that's it I guess? Could I also make a villain?