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Scorpion Talks

Scorpion Talks

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Maya_Mustang By Maya_Mustang Updated Jan 17

Basically me typing random letters in the keyboard because of scorpion.

wizaad wizaad May 07, 2016
Good idea!! I'll shout this out and get people talking on here :)
_MeltingSnowflakes_ _MeltingSnowflakes_ Dec 29, 2016
So did I! Quintis and Waige. 😂 Go away Tim, nobody likes you
honeybearkittenpie honeybearkittenpie May 08, 2016
One night before dinner I was looking through the TV channels, and so I decided to see what was on CBS. (Because I have a LOT of shows on CBS) And as you may have guessed, Scorpion was on and I kind of just searched it up and became addicted. I remember shipping Quintis and Waige from the start!
_MeltingSnowflakes_ _MeltingSnowflakes_ Dec 29, 2016
Yay I love Scorpion! I'm currently watching all season 1, 2 and 3 episodes 5 times until season 4 comes out
_MeltingSnowflakes_ _MeltingSnowflakes_ Dec 29, 2016
Oh, in episode one he's visible in the security camera feed next to the intern for about 10 seconds
Butterflylover25 Butterflylover25 May 08, 2016
I watched the last episode and was like totally amazed at what the geniuses can do. So I went on my laptop and searched up couch tuner that's what I use. Then watched all of the episodes and I was the same way, I shipped Quintis ever since the beginning and I have made my friend watch it to.