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I Like Bad Boys (Phan)

I Like Bad Boys (Phan)

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❤ SweetLittlePhangirl ❤ By SweetLittlePhangirl Completed

Pastel!Dan and Punk!Phil!

Phil, a punk, was wildly know for being the type to have sex with a girl and dump her. He didn't care much about his poor image until Dan, an openly gay pastel boy, steals his attention. When they decide to see if they will work, Phil becomes happier than he ever has. However, there seems to be something - or someone - keeping them apart...
(Warnings: swearing, smut, violence, that should be it, lots of fluff)

people don't mind in my school too but everything i do they relate to me being lesbian (i'm not even lesbian im pan lol)
phan_24 phan_24 Oct 09, 2016
Fun fact:
                              Josh dun got piercings and tatoos so ppl dont take advantage of his kind personality I craft :(
crescendo-howell crescendo-howell Oct 22, 2016
everyone commenting about how they're emma but here I am commenting about how i read clown instead of crown
imtyleredofyourshit imtyleredofyourshit Oct 14, 2016
                              THEY CALL ME PUNK
                              THEY CALL ME EMO
                              THEY CALL ME SCENE
                              THATS NOT MY NAME
WahDidYouSay WahDidYouSay Nov 08, 2016
At first when I read this i was like "omg that's so cute" then I realized it was dan and I said "WAIT WTF" then I realized it was a phanfic
People at my school are so accepting. I came out to my best friends and they didn't care what my sexuality was.