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•Taking Over The World In A Blink Of An Eye• ||BillDip||

•Taking Over The World In A Blink Of An Eye• ||BillDip||

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Sabrina Booskie By dragonslayergirl Updated Feb 15

"We lost, we didn't defeat him. Now he holds the world in his hands, one eye always watching us. Trying to make our escape each time gets harder and harder. Him wanting us all to bow down to him, like he is some sorta god. Me and Mabel will always fight. I won't ever bow down to him!"

"Pine tree~ that's wishful thinking, no one can stop me after all, I'm a dream demon and now I have enough power to be more. You'll bow down to me and so will your worthless family. 'Sixer a nerd with no power, Fezz a man with no intelligence, Shooting star a girl living in a fantasy. And you pine tree will be all mine! . 'I'm a god now"

Requested by ~ Black_Widow_Girl and other fans of billdip from my other book.

Gravity falls has ended but will always be remember, this is a fanfic (yaoi). Bill cipher x Dipper pines.

phycopath14 phycopath14 Dec 14, 2016
When he said he was gonna turn Dipper to paper i got a flash back of all of the Dipper clones made of paper
RosieWasACrybaby RosieWasACrybaby Aug 05, 2016
Princess_of_ships Princess_of_ships Dec 19, 2016
Bruh I know you are obsessed with him and all and would love to just lovck him up and fu**** him like no tomorrow....but dude looking through his book ain't gonna gewt chu laid
NeoTheGreatAndShort NeoTheGreatAndShort Dec 30, 2016
I sense torture and/or rape. Not good for Dipper awesome for me
NeoTheGreatAndShort NeoTheGreatAndShort Dec 30, 2016
That's embarrassing. Like cone on Bill, keep the shy kid's privet stuff privet. All of the privet stuff
kano_kanna_kurrosawa kano_kanna_kurrosawa Sep 18, 2016
I know it's kinda late but do anyone realize bill need the code to opening gravity falls shield and bill always say 'I know everything!' But bill don't know the code shield!? So weird!?