She taught me how to love [Killua x reader]

She taught me how to love [Killua x reader]

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"Dad, I tell you, I don't need a mentor!" 

Silva sighed, "Killua, have you seen your grades? I mean, you got a D in English, that's one of the easiest subject and yet you still failed." 

"Then I'll study harder!" 

"You've already said that like 5 times this month and you still haven't improve." 

"But Dad-" 

Killua was cut off by a knock on Silva's door. 

"Come in." Silva said. 

A butler approached to his master and bowed, "Young master's teacher has arrived." 

"See?" Silva raised an eyebrow, "now go to your study room at once." 

Killua rolled his eyes and groaned, "Fine.."


WARNING: So.much.drama. 
(Welcome to cringe kingdom)

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Excuse me? I'm a lady, treat me with respect. Seriously little shits these days. 😒
Everyone is here just singing the Pokémon opening or talking about Pokémon. I'm just here trying to fix the wall. Goddamn titans... *Taping  the wall*
I thought you were smart...
                              Killua: I thought you had a life.
                              Well you thought wrong. *Realizes he just insulted me* *Goes to a corner to cry and grow mushrooms*
OtakuMeh OtakuMeh Oct 23
But killua-senpai is so cool and smart...😭😭😭
                              How The Fvck did it happened?! Maybe a witch cast a spell on him..
Haha I got an F in english this year... a D is a better grade than mine 😅
Bruh, we all know you ain't gonna study. You probably think it's too boring. (Which it is)