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She taught me how to love [Killua x reader]

She taught me how to love [Killua x reader]

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Relle ♪ By geotjimal Completed

"Dad, I tell you, I don't need a mentor!" 

Silva sighed, "Killua, have you seen your grades? I mean, you got a D in English, that's one of the easiest subject and yet you still failed." 

"Then I'll study harder!" 

"You've already said that like 5 times this month and you still haven't improve." 

"But Dad-" 

Killua was cut off by a knock on Silva's door. 

"Come in." Silva said. 

A butler approached to his master and bowed, "Young master's teacher has arrived." 

"See?" Silva raised an eyebrow, "now go to your study room at once." 

Killua rolled his eyes and groaned, "Fine.."


WARNING: So.much.drama. 
(Welcome to cringe kingdom)

KilluaZoldkuck KilluaZoldkuck 3 days ago
My dear snowball,everyone has asked that question and the answer is it was never easy in the first place
kawaii_royale kawaii_royale 16 hours ago
That's kinda unbelievable. Killua showed some excellent thinking in the HxH show.. But oh well, this is just a fanfic anyway so hoho
Don't assassins only need to learn about killing not school?
-ProHunter- -ProHunter- Dec 26, 2016
For the same reason that hotdog buns come in packs of 8 and hotdogs come in packs of 10.
chocoholic_otaku chocoholic_otaku Dec 23, 2016
Lmao i imagined that when he laughed he sounded like a dying prehistoric animal and his hands on his stomach with his fats jiggling XD
Kana_Hanzieki Kana_Hanzieki Dec 24, 2016
                              GO TO VERY DISTANT LANDS
                              WITH JAKE THE DOG 
                              AND FINN THE HUMAN
                              THE FUN WILL NEVER END 
                              ITS ADVENTURE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                              My favorite cartoon of all time!