The Darkness Within - Hunter X Hunter Fanfiction

The Darkness Within - Hunter X Hunter Fanfiction

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UNICORN PEGASUS (pegicorn? unisus? idk) By just_smile_back Updated Mar 20


Mira doesn't really mean to be a bad person, it just sort of... happens. She was locked up most of her life in a place called Asylum. There, they trained children to become assassins, with the goal of being strong enough to overcome the Zoldycks in a fight. All of them. At once.

Mira just finishes some... business... when she is found by Hisoka. Well, she finds him. He brings her to the Hunter Exam, not knowing how strong she really is...

During the Exam, Mira meets Gon and Killua.  Will they become friends? Will they stay friends? Will Mira become a Hunter?

...or will she fall prey to the evil that she was brought up to cultivate?

"No!  Please!  Don't do this!"  My mother screams at me, her hands soaked in my father's blood.  He is lying on the kitchen floor.  In his chest is a gaping hole, where I had ripped out his heart just minutes before.  I could have done it cleanly, without a speck of blood, but it didn't seem fitting.  After what my parents had done to me, their deaths deserved to be bloody.  

"And why shouldn't I?"  I ask my mother, well aware of the sadistic grin that was spreading across my face.  I've missed this feeling.  Strong and in control.  "You knew that this would happen the minute you sent me to that godforsaken place."

"I'm your mother.  You wouldn't exist if not for me!"  She shouts, heartbeat pulsing rapidly.  "How could you do this to us?  You monster!"

I can feel my grin falter, but I clench my teeth and hold back the unwanted emotions.  "Yes.  A monster.  Just as I was all those years ago, before you decided to abandon me.  You left me to them, mother."

"You didn't deserve a place in our home!"

"You're right, mother," I reply quietly.  "I deserved to be tortured, instead.  I deserved to be alone.  Whatever helps you sleep at night."

And though I no longer take pleasure in my actions, I tightly grip the dagger that was a second ago secured to my waistline, and slit her throat.

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sangewrites sangewrites May 21, 2017
This is like a weird Zoldyck training thing wOaH I like it👏🏼
WanderingPlus WanderingPlus Jun 19, 2017
One of my favorite quotes, "Monsters aren't born. They are made."
dirtae-mind dirtae-mind May 25, 2017
Man: Wanna go to my truck full of kittens and candy?
                              Me: Lead the way :3
AmandaHebertThePanda AmandaHebertThePanda Mar 29, 2017
I got confused for a second... Like why is Zetsu in Hunter x Hunter
-Faceless -Faceless Feb 09, 2017
Yeah... Why don't we just call orochimaru whilst we're add too😰😰
alethea-exe alethea-exe Jan 21, 2017
Your going to take me to a place that Ive never heard of with the chance pf you killing or raping me?
                              LETS GO!