Returned Love (DaiSuga)

Returned Love (DaiSuga)

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Goodbye By EphemeralSyzygy Completed

**Warning Boy X Boy **
Don't like it? Don't read it.

Sugawara Koushi, loves his best friend, Daichi Sawamura. He has to keep is feelings hidden, since he knows that Daichi is straight. But one night, after practice, His emotions overflow. What will Daichi do, with this new knowledge?

-I'm still new at writing Fan fic, so the chances of this sucking are huge.-

aichan1427 aichan1427 Apr 12
I would love to see dadichi smirks,,, kyaaa.. I bet he's so hawt.. #fangirldetected
_HU9I_ _HU9I_ Jun 24
Me: *grinning and giggling like an idiot*
                              Mom and Dad: *concerned*
                              Mom: Where did we mess up?
a little overdose on the exclamation points... I'd use italics instead of all caps, too XD
*accidentally walks in on them* Why the hell am  I- oh....I'll just be um.....leaving *leaves slowly*
Kageyama: *pops into club room* Who? Me?
                              Daichi and Suga: I thought you were sick!