Anime Zodiacs | DISCONTINUED

Anime Zodiacs | DISCONTINUED

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:^o By _LittleCutesyPie_ Updated Dec 15, 2016

I know many people have done this, but I wanted to do my own! But not by myself, but with my friend @candiblue! We were messaging each other and I got this idea! 
Writers: @_LittleCutesyPie_ & @candiblue

¡¡We don't own the ideas unless we say so! We'll try to find whoever came up qith the idea/got it from¡¡
!!We also don't own the pictures that we used in our covers and in the segments! Those belong to their rightful owners!!

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#445 in Random 6/6/16!!!

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chaebe chaebe Oct 21, 2017
5th of april (god i hate that i have the same birthfay as Tessa Brooks ;-;)
NoxiousSeraph NoxiousSeraph Sep 02, 2017
I haven't watched this but i heard it's not what it looks like xD
No I'm a SAO fan, or Soul Eater.. WAIT DO THEY HAVE ATTACK ON TITAN?
Awesome! I pick being a ghoul good thing I'm addicted to McDonald's mocca frappe's.
Oh no Kyubey is going to find me and turn me me into a magical girl
aoishee aoishee Dec 28, 2017
So frickin lucky i'm so jelly you got to be with Karma😭😭😭♉