Do You ℓσνє Me

Do You ℓσνє Me

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ᏞᎥbᏒᎪ öᎪᏦs By PixieProductions Updated May 04, 2017

I saw you there, wandering by the door
While I stood here, looking at the floor

I saw your eyes sparkling in the night,
It always gave me sorts of frights,

Thoughts of doubt echoed my mind,
I kept searching, didn't know I would find,
Sparks in me that hide inside.

While blood and tears spilled,
You still kept my heart filled.

You laughed and smiled the brightest smile,
It's like setting roses in a pile.

Let's write our story, 
Let's sing our song,
Let's hang our pictures on the wall.

All these precious moments,
That we carved in stone,
Our only memories after all.

I love you,
I died for you,

I did lots of things for you,
Will you ever love me, too?

I DI NOT OWN Gravity Falls or the characters, they are created by Alex Hirsch.

P. S. 
The theme song for this fanfic is Memories, by Shawn Mendes

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KID4546 KID4546 Jul 10, 2016
Other red things are cherry, spaghetti sauce, part of the 'Murican flag,
                              or the color of blood.
kittycute04 kittycute04 Jan 09, 2017
read this several times it is not overwhelming thats how you can tell a good story and a screamed the return of the tomato