Arranged marriage to an egotistic vampire... What could go wrong??

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Alyx By PiccoloGiglio Completed
Rose thought her life was alright.... Then she found out about the contract... Then she found out about the hot guy... Then she found out about vampires... But the worst part is his ego!!!  But will she marry him as it says on the contract or will something happen along the way???
can I just say I know its random well not to me and has nothing to do with the story but can we all agree that lynx smells the best.
                                    for some it may be axe
Hey hey hey! Me and my friends already claimed him! We called dibs before we were born!
She's team Edward and about to get married to a vampire.... Oh the IRONY!
I haven't started reading but I hope that the main character hates the arranged marriage and stays like that - don't fall in love so easily.
I don't see how the mom was being heartless. At least her mom tried to get her out of the contract her dad had made.
Team Fvk That!!!!!! 
                                    Im Team Klaus !!!!!! 
                                    Vampire diaries all the way!!