Troublesome : LxLight

Troublesome : LxLight

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thedeathnoteuser By thedeathnoteuser Updated Apr 01, 2017

L and Light are both alone in the bedroom, minding their own business, as Light's feeling slowest became apparent and he acted upon it. While it turned out the both had feeling for each other, little seemed to stay in their favour and the battle between L and Kira continue. "Only one can be the victor of this game."

WARNING! YAOI! (Guy X Guy) don't like? Don't read.

I do not own ANY of the artwork in the fanfiction. If you do know the artists, please let me know so that I can credit them!

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TheCrystalKitten TheCrystalKitten Oct 25, 2017
how could he think straight when he isn't even straight himself
na_yami na_yami Feb 22, 2016
Hey it's @torunn_nightfury from Instagram. And I have to say that this is amazing! Please continue it! Please, please, please! The writing is so good! Ryuk gives this 10/10 apples
abby_exxx abby_exxx Feb 22, 2016
Hi, it's abbyrose2912 from your instagram. And you have to continue it!!! It's so good!
BlackNoteOnMikayuu__ BlackNoteOnMikayuu__ Jan 06, 2017
                              i am reading this now and you poster it almost a year from now😂
Lolcakes333 Lolcakes333 Feb 11, 2017
same. I can't call my dad without having at least 5 awkward silences