How To: Make An Original Character

How To: Make An Original Character

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How many Kylies are there on this site? Do all of them have to have messy buns? Why does everyone love Starbucks so much? Why does every heroine have to have some sad back story? Why does everyone have to look like a model? Is there some really small gene pool that I don't know about which means everyone looks the same? 

Where's the fun in having a boring character?!

Here's how to make a character that will surprise everyone.

I can't agree more. Also, we can try to make names more diverse? Almost all names on wattpad are american, we can try to add in some other cultures here and there!
iffrodite iffrodite Oct 27
I once accidentally signed up onto a to-be-mum site while looking at baby names and now the site won't stop mailing me tips and stuff on how to be a mum
I have other characters too, like Hadrien and Aeroara. I agree, though, there's so many underused and beautiful names out there.
Thank you for pointing out that all the beautiful brown haired, tall and witty girls can go back where they came from and let the actual humans take form in these books.
MisRae MisRae Oct 03
My characters name is Brook Harold. :). It seemed different that's why I liked it.
I have an entire list in my notebook filled with names! My parents thought I was already thinking of having a baby when they saw it........ So never write somethin like that in a notebook. (A unique name is Hokulani)