How To: Make An Original Character

How To: Make An Original Character

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How many Kylies are there on this site? Do all of them have to have messy buns? Why does everyone love Starbucks so much? Why does every heroine have to have some sad back story? Why does everyone have to look like a model? Is there some really small gene pool that I don't know about which means everyone looks the same? 

Where's the fun in having a boring character?!

Here's how to make a character that will surprise everyone.

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lilvon09 lilvon09 Nov 04, 2017
Honestly I'm working on a book not out yet and I need a basic girl that doesn't look like a super model just your everyday girl. And doesn't wear to many crop tops
JadeReadsThings JadeReadsThings Jul 20, 2017
Hi I came to say my name is also Kylie and I have a messy bun and I love Starbucks. And I look like a model
Isn't it better to make a character so random no one relates to them?
squishyyewon squishyyewon Dec 03, 2017
so this isn't related but the cover really looks like tomie and sjsjsj o love junji ito ok bye
I think any OC is good unless it's Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, (or any other horrifyingly terrible Mary Sue)
sun7spot sun7spot Aug 16, 2017
this inspired me to make my new oc her name is tomie and shes Very Original. shes also a succubus or whatever and is very pretty. and original.