Hate At First (Grown Ups/Greg Feder)

Hate At First (Grown Ups/Greg Feder)

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Dylan Higgins, daughter of Marcus Higgins, is defiantly nothing like her father. She's quiet and shy, where her father is loud and creative.

So maybe when her father gets a call from a long ago friend about his high school coach, Coach Buzzer, passing; will change her completely.

 Especially after she meets the rich, spoiled, snotty boy Greg Feder.

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Why do I see this as something I would say 🤔💭🤔💭🤔💭🤔💭🤔💭🤔💭🤔💭🤔💭🤔💭🤔💭🤔💭🤔💭🤔💭🤔💭🤔💭
Michtheduck Michtheduck May 28, 2017
I laughed so hard when I heard this in the movie. I also feel Donald trump would say this to a baby girl if she asked him where the moths go.