The Home of a Heart

The Home of a Heart

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Ninya Tippett By ninyatippett Completed

Diana Robles has dreams-ones she'd get to just as soon as those of her family have been realized. 

It took nearly three years of hard work in Canada to see her siblings through college and now, with the promise of a chance to finally live her own life, destiny beckons her to a large and lonely house for one last extra cleaning assignment before her long-overdue trip back home. 

Little by little, she not only cleans the home of a man who hardly has any time to enjoy the rewards of his long hours, she also begins an odd friendship with him that will make her reconsider the priorities she'd made a long time ago.

But before Diana can decide what her heart really wants, she's called home to the Philippines to hold up her family through an unexpected crisis. 

Amidst her loud but loving family, the traces of her old life and the calling of the new, Diana will find herself wondering where exactly the home of a heart is and whether she can find it-if it doesn't find her first.

shaleharder_md shaleharder_md Oct 08, 2017
You're one of the best in watt pad. Keep on writing. Excited to read more of your stories. Proud to be a Filipino. ❤️
76dess 76dess Oct 18, 2017
You're the best writer!  From the way you write your stories, I knew that you are a Filipino.  Keep it up,  you're such a great writer. Proud ti be a Filipino
asandakhathi asandakhathi Feb 24, 2018
Hey guys. First things first. This book is amazing. Secondly, I just started writing myself and It would mean alot to me if you guys would check out my book. It's titled: "The love of my life" It's under the general fiction category.
reinagee reinagee Sep 07, 2016
My goooooooooosh! Never thought you were a filipino. But im so proud that you are! Such an amazig writer! And your plots are amazing!
Turtlesarebaeeeeeee Turtlesarebaeeeeeee Mar 07, 2016
My mom moved from the Philippines to America to help support the family back in Philippines. All my  girl cousins have done the same thing,too :)
alexine_judz alexine_judz Mar 24, 2016
Your stories are some of the best in wattpad. I've read them all. I am proud of you. God bless. 😌