An Electrifying Ride ( Googleplier X Reader)

An Electrifying Ride ( Googleplier X Reader)

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XxSammy12xX By XxSammy12xX Updated Aug 30

Hey Guys! Sam here, I have finally been able to make a story! Yay! I hope you like it, even if its my first book I've made! I hope you guys enjoy! Buh-Bye!

(Y/N point of view)

"Jeez, what the-", an alarm clock went off at 5:00 A.M. I swung my feet over my bed getting ready to look for some jobs that are opened. I just moved into L.A. to start my life with a new environment and new people to meet. I rubbed my face in my hands tiredly from last night, when moving my things into my apartment. " Hopefully I can find a job today and soon," I mutter to myself as a shadow casted out in the hallway. I quietly got up and peeked out of my room. Then suddenly, the shadow jumped at me pushing me to the ground, its fur tickling my face making me laugh. "LOUIS!!" I yelled as the golden labrador jumped off licking my face. At least he made me wide awake now, I stood up, running my hand through his thick fur. I walked through the living room into the kitchen getting ready to make some breakfeast. I ...

*grabs Louis, the eggs, and my pepper spray filled purse, and runs outside*
If he was turned on... I'm pretty sure that if he looks at me then the sausage flys up X3
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Skypai Skypai May 13
Is it just me but when I read the word Louis I think of Lui calibre?
tpaiges tpaiges Jun 11
He would have to ask what gender I am because I look like a guy... Like my brother has longer hair than me
Hey, you! From one Googleplier author to another, I can say that this chapter alone is getting me hooked on nicely to the book! 
                               I can see how you worked on this book, and it's really nice!