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let's destiny decide : Sairat  by chanchal2035
let's destiny decide : Sairat by chanchal2035
this story are dependent on the episode which are being continuously shown .... all the characters in the house are the same it contains short stories which will depe...
The First Demigod Ghoul by Psychoticpigeon
The First Demigod Ghoulby phsycoticpigeon
A very good fan fic about Tokyo ghoul and Percy Jackson involves betrayal and percy becoming a bad ass ghoul
Eli Goldsworthy Moving On by VintageLex
Eli Goldsworthy Moving Onby Lex
The students are back from summer break. Eli is excited to see his ex-girlfriend, Claire, who he thinks is still with him, she just needed some space. After a stunning w...
Evening Sun: The Saga Continues by SparkledCrayons
Evening Sun: The Saga Continuesby Star Marie
*Continues Breaking Dawn By Stephanie Meyer* Everything Seems Perfect In Bella Cullen's Life. For Now. Creepy Anonymous Threats Are Being Sent To Every One Of The Olym...
Deep Snow by itsme_Bri
Deep Snowby itsme_Bri
Elsa notices a strange boy at Anna & Kristoff's wedding. Hans returns for something. Tiny feet are wondering the castle. Elsa runs off once again. What is going on in th...
NEVER LET GO by Lynnsutnga
NEVER LET GOby Lynn sutnga
Xavier Knight, the badboy of Sunhill high school along with his bestfreinds Adam, Ethan, Alex and Axel. Everyone fear him expect Rosalin, his angel, his princess, his cr...
Hetalia diaries of nations (slow updates - I'm so sorry ) by Taiyoo_Tsukki
Hetalia diaries of nations (slow Taiyoo_tsukki
It was a normal everyday meeting. Countries were minding their own business but a book appears. #1 in continue 2019- present day
Rick Sanchez X Reader by Black_Dragon0145
Rick Sanchez X Readerby Black_Dragon0145
Just another one shot I guess
Dinner in London (a Louis Tomlinson romance) by Sunnyporter
Dinner in London (a Louis Sunnyporter
Running away was cool and so was being anorexic, until she went across the ocean to London. Juno is dar from her home in New York and is ready to start life over with he...
when i'm with you~ (kiyoyachi)  by ineednontoxicfriends
when i'm with you~ (kiyoyachi) by hi i’m siena <3
⚠️ all art used (including cover photo) is not mine!!! all credit to their original artists ⚠️ after being invited to be the new boys volley ball manager, yachi finds he...
Refund High School x Reader [Oneshot/Scenario] by Jul_was_never_here
Refund High School x Reader [ I was never here to begin with
I'm continuing the Refund high school x Reader Oneshot on my old account a.k.a Jul_was_here. I'm gonna add stuff too. Reader x Character only cause the Title said so. No...
(ON-HOLD 2021) Glitchtale: Fixing the MESS by AlriskLightvale
(ON-HOLD 2021) Glitchtale: Althea~ (moved!)
The future of the timeline is on Betty's hands. Though she said she didn't deserve it after causing chaos in the timeline, But a mess is a mess. But it can be fixed if s...
Intertwining by jay_hope_w
Intertwiningby Jay
It's a whole new world of fantasy for Percy and his friends. They're both ecstatic and anxious. They have absolutely no clue who these wizards are or how they're going t...
Stony family life by Buckarooos
Stony family lifeby so was i
Tony get pregnant
Unturned Book 2 ||Pjo X Anime|| by ProtctorOfThe4thWall
Unturned Book 2 ||Pjo X Anime||by PhoenixFlies_65
Continuation of Book 1: 'Life and Death' This is not a PJO fanfic. But it's the same main character This is related to multiple Animes.... Call me plagiarism Sorry -Pho...
The Downfall of the 'It Girl' by tierney1984
The Downfall of the 'It Girl'by Tierney
Jenna Matthews is her high school’s “It Girl.” She has the looks, the boyfriend, the status. Life couldn’t be more perfect. Who doesn’t want to be loved by everyone and...
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Dear readers, by Pryde7
Dear readers,by Pryde7
This is exactly what it sounds like. Basically a diary that can be freely read by anyone on Wattpad who wants to read it. Everything written here is true and it is all f...
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Book of Poems by xXMisguidedGhostsXx
Book of Poemsby xXMisguidedGhostsXx
I am going to try and upload a poem a day.
The Mark of Athena (Discontinued...) by StarPlatinum_
The Mark of Athena ( StarPlatinum_
Seven half-bloods shall answer the call To storm or fire, the world must fall An oath to keep with a final breath, And foes bear arms to the Doors of Deat...