Apathy ~Minizerk~

Apathy ~Minizerk~

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Josh has always felt... empty.

He's dated girls, boys, but no one seemed to interest him much.

He simply didn't care.

However, that all began to change when Simon Minter took his first step in Josh's high school.

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Kayla_Jovan Kayla_Jovan Mar 22, 2017
Love is when your puppy jumps on you and licks your face, even after you left them alone all day
There's apathetic, then there is sociopathic and I am all for sociopathic Josh.
Mischief_Manage_ Mischief_Manage_ Feb 28, 2016
Love is what James did for lily and Harry, and what snape did for lily, and what peeta and gale did for katnis, and what finnick did for Annie, and what four did for tris, and what Cody did for mason, and what kegan did for Jamie, jeez I've read too many books
IceCream_28_ IceCream_28_ Feb 08, 2016
I'm already hooked oh no I'm gonna torture myself with this book. What I mean by that is this is a great start
PastelZerk PastelZerk Jan 30, 2017
Why do I feel like these are stereotypical American names 😂😂
EllieXIX EllieXIX Mar 05, 2017
It is what Josh and Simon feel for each other. Simple! Write that one sentence and you're done! 👍🏻