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One More Time - Zerkaa

One More Time - Zerkaa

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Mackenzie By books_and_music_babe Completed

Cassie Minter, or Simon Minter's little sister. Simon is a famous YouTuber known as MiniMinter. He is part of a group of boys who call themselves The Ultimate Sidemen, and she is friends with all of them. Once she starts hanging out with all of them more than usual, she meets her first love and what she hopes is her last.
    We both look at each other and smile. I begin walking up the stairs, him beside me, and wobbling significantly from the alcohol in my system. We were close to our floor before I trip on a step and fall face first into the stairs. I hear Josh laughing loudly above me, and choosing not to show my pain, I laugh along with him.
   I feel his warm hands plant themselves under my arms and pick me up. I laugh louder when I see that Josh had an adorable concentration face. His eyes were narrowed and his teeth were biting his bottom lip slightly. I could tell he was trying not to take us both out by falling.
	Thanks! And as always.....

delta-vega delta-vega Feb 19
How to make Simon lose the patience test, just have his lik sister kiss one of the sidemen 😂😂
Confetti77 Confetti77 Oct 03, 2016
While all you ppl are saying you've drank before , I'm over here in 'Murica, where it's fudgin 21
itshoranbitch itshoranbitch Oct 07, 2016
You can buy drinks at 18 and drink them from 16 I think in England :)
Car_Savage Car_Savage Nov 13, 2016
This is my second time reading this book in like a few months, so all of this stuff legit made me laugh so hard I almost peed. Those 3 bottles of water did not help.
BlueJumperBaby BlueJumperBaby Oct 06, 2014