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Searching for Skywalker

Searching for Skywalker

14.8K Reads 863 Votes 23 Part Story
«madalyn» By madalynthefangirl Completed

The temptations of Darth Sidious were over. Anakin and his fellow Jedi had won. The light side of the force shone brightly, especially with the appearance of the new Skywalkers. 
Padmè lives, at a cost. Darth Sidious was never truly defeated, and now Luke and Padmè are gone. Taken by the new Sith Empire, seven years after the joyous birth of the twins. 
Eight years later, Leia and Anakin Skywalker are ready to get their family back. Leia- recently turned Jedi knight -yearns to find and be with her other half, and her mother. And now their location has been leaked. 
Together, Anakin and Leia will reunite their family. Together, they will find the Skywalkers.

book one in the 'for skywalker' series

-doctorstrange -doctorstrange Apr 15, 2016
I'm really loving this so far! Oh, the Skywalker family feels! ;-;
Beautiful, funny, and sweet. I loved it. Totally puts my book to shame. Thank you so much!
X_Clove_ X_Clove_ Jul 29, 2016
Do you think that Obi-Wan is telling Anakin that he's very lucky (bc of Luke and Leia) because Obi-Wan is thinking about what he could have had with Satine if she lived???
madalynthefangirl madalynthefangirl Oct 14, 2016
Hi. Just the author here. Thought I'd say hello. Oh gosh I miss writing this book ;-; anyone have any questions about the book? I'd love to answer them
Pokesun1 Pokesun1 Feb 07
Oh, no problem there.  Just some random person.  Probably a Sith.  To kill the children.  No problem there.
KateBeforeNex KateBeforeNex Mar 21, 2016
I've never though, that Anakin would be bad fahter :D poor Luke, don't hurt him! Please...