Tags, Rants, New Books and Other Stuff

Tags, Rants, New Books and Other Stuff

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-:- Sharron Kennith -:- By shanSWfan Updated Oct 01

Hello all!

This book is basically what the title says: it's somewhere I'm gonna be dumping tags if I ever get them, post ideas for fanfics that I'm still developing and want your opinions on, ranting about life and fandoms, and probably other dumbness if it comes along XD

May the Force be with you,

PS: If you steal one of the story ideas, I will not hesitate to hunt you down. But feedback and constructive criticism is welcomed!!

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Ahaha fml I have ugly swamp-colored eyes and really dull dark, grayish blond hair
"Amazingly brilliant"
                              More like horribly stupid and the worst movie ever made.
Actually please don't unless you want to be sitting in the theatre for 2h 15m thinking, "is this all?" Because that's what I was thinking. It's boring, and stupid. I rate it -googolplex/5 (note the NEGATIVE sign in front of googolplex)
Oh my god, chill. IT'S JUST A DEATH SCENE. He's old. He was gonna die anyways
People always say "couch potato" but it's more like "bed potato"
Basically only Star Trek and Star Wars. Unless science counts as a fandom... but I don't think so