Always Online 「 COMPLETED 」

Always Online 「 COMPLETED 」

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修煉愛情 By tfboys143 Completed

{ 王俊凯 X Reader }

' Message: We'll see each other someday. Without having a screen between us. But if you ever need me, just remember. I'm always online. '

{ "How?! How can you be 'him'?! You're a jerk and he's sweet! Loving! Caring!" Anger boiled up in me as I held my phone tightly. Tears welling up.
"_Y/N_ let me explain." He spoke.
"No! There's nothing left to explain." I hissed coldly while forcefully wiping my tears. I tried walking away but felt him grab my wrist.
"_Y/N_ please!" I heard him call out.
"Let go you bastard." I mumbled while struggling. He then pinned me to the wall, looking deeply into my eyes.
"Please. Let me explain." He whispered into my ear while slowly hugging me. "Just let me explain..." He stroked my hair while holding me close. }

You were friends with a boy. A boy you met on the internet. A boy that you wanted to meet ever since you two became bestfriends three years ago. Both of you were the same age and lived in China. You two called each other but never told each other your names. You two tried face timing but never got the time. You liked him and he liked you. You found out he went to the same school as you. You were ready to meet him. You were ready to see him. But what's your reaction when you face him? Happiness? Love? Or...

Rin_Hoshizora Rin_Hoshizora Oct 06, 2016
This story seems good 😍 even though I don't know who's the celebrity for the cast.
rrw_miko rrw_miko Oct 03, 2016
You should listen to glass wall by  Hatsune Miku, the creator of the song said that it was inspired by his own long distance relationship with his lover but don't worry it's in English
saikou_girl saikou_girl Feb 13, 2016
Ok, loving this! QianXi, Wang JunKai and Wang Yuan? You mean (quoting @cookiejaela) buttheads! Poor girl! T_T
Why does this sound like a minecraft youtuber roleplay made by aphmau
I don't think so well unless you want to get.... well let just say you life going to be hell
Blank0521 Blank0521 Feb 12, 2016
I guess that they will be at the same school?  So excited!!!