feminine || larry

feminine || larry

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"I wear skirts to be pretty not to impress you"

"Boys aren't supposed to wear skirts. I don't like seeing boys in skirts"

"Well lucky for you there's something called turning around and never talking to me again"


The one where Harry wears "girly" clothes and Louis doesn't like it.

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Guys, nobody's hating on any religion, the author is just presenting Louis as ONE Christian who thinks like that. They aren't saying that EVERY Christian thinks like this.
Unless it's Taylor Swift. Then I give y'all full permission to hate her !
MissYandereJackson MissYandereJackson Nov 28, 2016
Lol not being offensive but u look like the kinda girl that would write smut in the dark lmao btw love the glasses
Niallsgirl0 Niallsgirl0 Feb 08
I thought I would never talk to my best friend in a million years and now I'd be dead without her
you say that but i bet in a few chapters you'll be f.ucking sk
madeinthenouis madeinthenouis Dec 13, 2016
I feel like even though I don't ship Larry I would still read this book bcos it sounds good and I find it amusing n.n