feminine || larry

feminine || larry

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"I wear skirts to be pretty not to impress you"

"Boys aren't supposed to wear skirts. I don't like seeing boys in skirts"

"Well lucky for you there's something called turning around and never talking to me again"


The one where Harry wears "girly" clothes and Louis doesn't like it.

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Dammit I thought this would be bottom louis... well bye then👋🏻😂
TragedyGold TragedyGold Jul 12, 2017
I'm tagging you because I want to and I'm pretty sure you're ending up reading this anyways @ashy414
babybri03 babybri03 Feb 11
this reminded me of that one time jack didn't say top of the morning to ya in his drum video
Me when I'm asked if I had anyone. 
                              Hating is bad now strongly dislike yep that's fine.
just imagine AAoOD but with harry and niall instead if niall and zayn
larryxltht larryxltht Sep 26
It's hard imagine Niall with skirts or dresses because I've never read any fic that has him doing it so I've never imagined it