A Potion Gone Romantically Wrong [Drarry]

A Potion Gone Romantically Wrong [Drarry]

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Alice O. Tracy By Alice-In-Wonder-Land Updated Aug 30

Snape assigns Draco as Harry's potions tutor but something goes wrong when Harry tries to make a transformation potion, the potion switches his gender. Now Draco has to hide the fact that Harry has turned himself into a girl while under Draco's supervision.
Draco takes Harry and hides him as a new Slytherin girl and so he stays with Pansy, who knows of his, situation, and tries to help keep Draco's secret. Over the course of the next few months as Draco searches for an antidote, Harry cant help but be ecstatic in a way, because he now has a way to get closer to Draco, they guy of his dreams.

Just so any readers are aware, this is a Dark!Harry fic, there will be use of the words, 'mudblood, blood traitor, and other nicknames used to mock the golden trio, Dumbledore and the Order.'
There will be Dumbledore, Muggleborn and Light side character bashing in this, so beware.

Temporarily Slow Updates From Here on Out

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😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 to much Harry just stop plz I'm begging
- - Jul 28
I love Harley man, she is a better potter. I think I've read stories by this author before , cause if the dumblefuck joke
Mooshorange Mooshorange Sep 22
The friends he was meant to have in the house he was destined for.
justfingtrash justfingtrash Sep 09, 2016
dracos the joker and harrys Harley Quinn oml!! 
                              I'm dying!! ahahahaha
Roobear2125 Roobear2125 Dec 01, 2016
Yep! A girl harry would pretty much be a black haired version of Harley Quinn
Best. Chapter. I. Have. Ever. Read. In. A. Fanfic. On. Wattpad.