Second Time Around (Newt x Reader)

Second Time Around (Newt x Reader)

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The Maze Of My Life By TheMazeOfMyLife Completed


You were sent to this place. No memories of anything from your life before you got there. You were pretty sure you had one before you came here. 
    Then one day, after 2 weeks of you being alone and feeling like you were going insane, some more people arrive. But there is one problem.
    They're all boys.

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_unicornsNrainbows_ _unicornsNrainbows_ Jul 25, 2017
Why heck no! If I try, I'll kill everyone and everything around me!
bobnewby bobnewby Aug 02, 2016
Please, I'll most likely burn down the non-exsistent kitchen.
Raptorwolf13 Raptorwolf13 Jan 27, 2017
Of course I can NOT cook who the hell do I look like to u super mom
XxLydiaSenpaixX XxLydiaSenpaixX Aug 21, 2016
He's pretty cute... Wanna repopulate the glade newty-boy 😏
chikenuggets chikenuggets Aug 03, 2016
Why do they always say "Wait what" and stuff? It's okay to think someone is cute😂