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Chased by The God's

Chased by The God's

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Skylinger By Skylinger Updated 2 days ago

During a trip to a museum with friends in Greece, Alexandra mistakenly attracts the attention of the Greek God of War, Ares. How does a girl cope when a god decides she will be his? Will the other gods help or hinder her?

Believer510 Believer510 May 29, 2016
Who here is rereading this story for the bagillionth time like me?
Yh okay kid... Dam these mortals sure are full of themselves... And they say Gods are arrogant.
EpicBeliEVER EpicBeliEVER Oct 12, 2015
It is genetically impossible to not have freckles when a person is a redhead.
mukeeatscake mukeeatscake May 02, 2015
 #rereading I LOVE THIS STORY!! It was one of the first non-disney stories I read here (I was in my disney fanfic stage) AND I LOVED IT
                              DEAR NEW READERS,
                                           You will NOT regret this!
                              Ps. Dear author, 
                                      NIKE AND EROS THO OTP OTP!
Mariegra Mariegra Jul 16, 2014
Its so ironic that I read about something that happens in Greece when I am here on a vacation myself. But i'm not in Athen, tough!
volleychick011 volleychick011 May 22, 2014
dear author, just wanna know if some bow chica bow bow is gonna happen