Hallway of Confessions (Astro Fanfiction)

Hallway of Confessions (Astro Fanfiction)

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Author-nim By pink_lady19 Completed

A lost girl.

Mean girls.

Beautiful boys.

A complicated home life.

A past.

A song. 

A dream.

One destiny.

It's a new school, a new life, a new start. What could possibly go wrong?

Zahra916 Zahra916 Oct 20
" I get mean glances from girls but I still don't know it meant..." If it was me in that situation, I would pull those gtls hair out without having a second thought. Because there is no way people will steal my bias...
I knew it! That attitude fits Eunwoo perfectly~~ Any attitude fits him perfectly..
-pvlinoia -pvlinoia Nov 07
Well I go to a new school this year and I have neither. I'm just all by myself >.<
Zahra916 Zahra916 Oct 20
"Standing on a chair and yelling...." that would be really me during lunch
Don't tell me it was Eunwoo, why am I thinking it's Eunwoo😂 my bias wreaker
story of my lifeu, not because I'm a loner or something. I just don't like people lmao